Kao (deaths_moon) wrote in thosewithpower,

Saedan was crouched behind a bunch of shrubs surrounding a very classy old styled house. Blood could still be tasted in the air from when she and Angel last came here. She snorted softly in annoyance, lkast time they were here it didn't involve steath, just the skills for a massacre, but the people were expecting another attack and were using dark arts of some kind much different from what she was used to. Biting her thumb and drawing blood she then blew softly across the wound, small black droplets taking the form a little dragons, "Go little ones, bring me a layout, quickly,"
As the little creatures flew off she sleaned against a tree hidden within the shadows waiting for the others, "There's still a few hours before nightfall," Her eyes flashed green when a little blue dragon appeared next to her, the little thing had been annoying her for hours on end since she had taken the mission
"Go in early, give an exaple of your abilities to my lady," Shuko said only to has a fist in his face
"You don't tell me what to do little lizard, now go back to your master and tell her, I do things the way I want to. You want to see my abilities, give me someone good enough to fight, now scram. Employers aren't allowed to be near me on missions, less I take there blood as well for an extra meal," Saedan snarled out softly
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