ariana_naomi (ariana_naomi) wrote in thosewithpower,

Second Day of School: Rain meets Sen

Rain walked up to the school, Ari lazily following her.
"Is this the school Ari?" Rain asked looking the outside over.
"Yeah, real pushover. Boring too." Ari said, bored already.
"Is that why you aren't wearing your uniform?" Rain asked smiling at Ari.
"Yeah, if they give me trouble, I'll just put a spell on them or threaten them, more than likely the later." Ari said, closing her eyes and trying to sense if the others were there yet.
"So, are your friends here?" Rain asked her, knowing what she was doing. They had lived together for the past 100 something years, they knew each other pretty well by know, at least, one would hope.
"Can't tell." Ari replied.
"Can't tell, or just too lazy to really try?"
"The second. What's it matter to you? You know I'm lazy." Ari replied as she started walking towards the school.
"I think anybody who has met you knows your lazy, it's that obvious." Rain said, following her.
"Shut up." Ari said, not really meaning it, it was just a habit.
Rain just laughed lightly. "Do you know where your going?" She asked, knowing how bad Ari sense of direction was, after all, she was the one who usually had to go find her when she got lost.
"Not really." Ari replied.
Rain sighed. "It's this way," she said pointing left, "I looked over the map yesterday because I knew you would get lost."
"Good thinking." Ari said, actually kind of grateful. Rain was really the only person she got along well with. "Hey, I think I sense Sen, over here." She said, walking ahead and turning left. "Hey! Kitten!"
"Kitten? I thought she said her name was Sen." Rain wondered aloud, following after Ari.
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