Kao (deaths_moon) wrote in thosewithpower,

Saedan went to the training arena that they had, the green stone with the captive demoness in it was opposite to her, "Alright, stony. Show me what you can do before I help you,"
~very well then~ the voice slipped easily into her mind and she felt power weave through her limbs and a sickness leave her mind.
Saedan was suddenly transformed into her dragon form, dark wings expanding to fill the cave. Stretching her tightened muscles, the creak of tightened ligaments loosening echoed slightly through the cavern, leaving deep scores in the ground when she brought herself back upright. Silvery onyx eyes fixed the emerald gem in a cool stare, "Not bad, ssstony, not bad at all,"
~So you'll accept the offer~
"I have to think about it sssome, consssidering your thoughtsss tell me you ssstill won't sssay what your priccce isss" Saedan heard a slight humph from the voice and then all the power went away and the sickness came back to her. Resisting the urge to vomit she crumpled to the floor 'What the hell'
~I'll give you time to think about it then~

Angel stopped suddenly and looked back towards the direction that the cave was in ,'What was that... it felt like Saedan had transformed... I must be imagining things, this worlds magics prevent us from transforming properly, we still need time to adapt... yes that's it I'm just hallucinating'
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