♥♥♥♥♥ (helloiamapie) wrote in thosewithpower,

Somewhere Only We Know

Murmer woke up with a big headache and a stuffed nose.
Sniffiling, she rubbed her head and wondered why she smelled like fish.
And then she remeber.
"HOLY SHIZ-NIT!" she cried, flining the blankets off.

Looking around, she realised where she was. It was not her own room. It was not her house. Hell, it wasn't even Earth.
She was the OtherTime, and not liking it one bit.
So she decided to scream.

"Are you okay, Miss Yashimota?"
Murmer turned around to face the door very, very slowly.
"The maid..." she said a bit helplessly. Yes, it was the maid to the Essex estate, located in the most comfortable location in OtherTime. How exclusive!
"You seem a bit pale...?"
"Nah, I'm just missing lunch. Where's your portal-ma-callit-thinger? I need to get home."
"I would be happy to make you something to eat..."
"No, no, no. I'll eat in Earth. The portal...?"
"It really wouldn't be a bother..."

"I'll find it myself."

With that, she stompped off and found the portal (after getting lost five times - - suprising, she'de been there before, she should know her way around), and went back to earth.

Teleporting herself behind the school, she hopped she hadn't missed out on that many classes.
If so, her father was sure to kill her...
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