Kao (deaths_moon) wrote in thosewithpower,

Saedan and Angel [27 Jul 2005|09:44pm]
~ flashback~

The two watched as Ari and Sensho left them to go find a tree and Angel scrached the back of her head and laughed ,"So now what... we don't exactly eat human food,"
"That's your problem, but now we have to stay in character... or at least you do," Saedan said and with that Angel gave a slight sigh before heading to the lunch lines only to be stopped
"Did you..." she looked at Sae
"Yeah... keep an eye out for me," Saedan cut her off and sent out a thread of power to a cave system on the outskirts of the city while Angel stood watch. She sensed a man outside their temporary home's entrance and sent a mind link to him.
'Who are you and state your buisness, speak quickly for I have no liking to people who waste my time,' the man jumped and looked around him his voice shaking slightly at the powerlaced in her command
"My name is Shinae Kiisho, I come from a long line of exorcists only now I'm the last one. I want you to eliminate this man for me," he said holding up a picture, "He killed my family and I want revenge,"
'That's a high ranking black arts dealer you want us to get rid of... state your price and we'll think about it,'
"I don't have much in the way of money but I can offer you something else," he said reaching into a red silk sackel that was slung over his shoulder and pulling out an emerald orb that radiated a powerful aura, "It's the last thing our family has in the way of money and it holds no real value to me, I offer this as the price,"
Saedan smirked slightly at the fact that the human couldn't see exactly how valuable the gem was, 'We'll take it. Leave the stone in the sachel and hang it in a tree near the gate of the targets home and then get lost, that gem of yours may be valuable but it isn't enough to cover all the costs so unless you want your life to be added to the deal I suggest you don't return for any more favors,' She then cut their link after making sure that the man set about doing the task she asked of him and then told Angel
~end flashback~

Saedan was walking slightly behind Angel, her eyes flashing a dangerous shade of green as Angel kept on talking to herself. "That was not what I was expecting... who knew a mortal could deal in those kind of arts, the previous requests on this deal were only complaints from other dealers beneath him. Man, this damn cut stings,"
"That's your fault. If we were able to go in in our normal forms that job wouldn't have been a mess and you know it. But you just had to insist that with the stability of this world being different we can't trust it just yet to transform so we had to go in as humans. So I told you to watch yourself since this form limits my mobility," Saedan drawled out glaring at Angel's back
"He had a gun how was I supposed to know that," Angel stated in exasperation
"All people like that either carry a gun with them or have body gaurds that usually carry the exact same thing," Saedan growled, she shifted the sachel on her shoulder to a more comfortable position, they had it with them because they were already pushing their luck with the ammount of time they had spent on the mission that they didn't dare go to their 'home' to put it up.
Angel sighed, "Okay, okay, you win. Try to calm down though I think that's them over their... and their's someone else over their too," Saedan just growled
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