♥♥♥♥♥ (helloiamapie) wrote in thosewithpower,

I dare you...

Roulette hated this school.
Everywhere she went, she felt diffrent power ebbing from everyone. While most where human, many held magic in them, and it was driving her crazy. She cursed her mother (not for the first time) for teaching her how to spot someone of magical power. While it proved useful in battle or getting to know your surrondings, it was begining to get on her nerves.
And she thought this school was elite...apperently it would let anyone iside it's walls.

Roulette sat down and cursed again. Math. She was horrible at it, which was why she never exceled much in the classes. Which was why she was in Algebra II, and not III, as she should be.
As was expected.

'I'm allways quite the dissapointment, aren't I?' she thought bitterly to herself.
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