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Passing Period, Fools!

Murmer stepped out into the hall, pausing by the door an wondering if she should wait for Sen. Normally she would go on and wave to Nele (Azi's sister and her best friend) before going on to Algebra class, but Nele was in Kenya, "finding herself" (Murmer just hope she brought her back a good gift).
She waited by the door.
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"Come on we're going to be late," Angel said as she rushed down the corridor tugging on the sleeve of Saedan's uniform
There was a pause while Saedan pulled her arm free before she replied, "We already are late that was the end of what ever class we were supposed to have second... plus... we're in the wrong hallway,"
"WHAT" Angel quickly turned but she still had some forward momentum and crashed into a girl standing by the doorway of one of the classrooms
"Nnyahg!!" Murmer cried, falling over from the impact.
"Ah! Get off! Crushing lungs!" she cried to the person laying on top of her. Most likley it would be an over statment, but Murmer was like that.
Saedan sighed and pulled both people up, lightly pinning Angel to the wall by the shoulder and quickly letting go of the human girl
"I've told you to always watch your surroundings and not to be so clumsy,"
"Oy, s'okay," Murmer said. Ha ha, it was an overstatment. The girl looked young. And silver hair? What was up with all the silver haired lasses?

Okay. So it was just two.

But still.
Saedan just looked at the human girl and then looked at Angel ,"just be mindful of where you're going next time... meet me in the band hall when fourth comes round," with that she turned and left
Angel called after her, "So that means you're going to listen to me and actually stay," she was replied with silence
She then sighed and turned to the other girl a little unsurely," ummm... well... uh, sorry 'bout that and umm....yeah. Do you know where Algebra III is since I think I got the school outline backwards, and yeah,"
"Yeah, sure, uhm...it's not that far from my class, I can walk you there," Murmer said.
'How many new kids did we GET today?' Murmer thought. 'Not to mention...'
"...My bloody headaches,</i>" Murmuer said, winceing as a hammer began to pound on her head.
"Damn magical oppression," she mutter, rubbing her temples and walking up the stairs.
"umm... I'm Angel. Need any help... I umm, know a good remedy for headaches," she said looking at the older girl blowing the bangs out of her face slightly
"Ah, I'm fine. Just been getting headaches latley," she said. "I'm Murmer."
"Murmer... I like. Well, umm, here," she said taking out a small vial from the backpack that she carried over one shoulder, "This should help, you only need about one sip and it should kill a headache for a day,"
Murmer took the bottle slowly from the girl, and squinted at it. Takeing the top off, she sniffed it, and immidetly recognized the smell. It's what her grandmother would make for the villagers when they had headaches...befor the metior came and killed every one.
She took a sip, and wondered if she should question the girl about it, but decided not to. While it wasn't really against the rules for others to know she was a shamen, she prefered not to wave it around.
"Thanks," she said, handing the bottle back. "I'm sure my headaches will stop." She flashed a smile, a little pained. But she was too smooth to fake one.
"you can keep the bottle... I seem to have made you sad. I'm sorry, I had no intention in doing so. Please if I did anything wrong tell me, this city is new and strange to me and my sister, though I think she's more adapted to it than I am... there I go again rambling to myself... umm,"
"Ah, naw, I'm not sad!" Murmer said. "Thanks. This'll come in handy." She slipped the bottle into her poket, and waved to the class.
"There's Algabra III. I'm across the hall, over there. If you like, I can meet you after class."
"You would? That's... umm thank you, that'd be great," Angel smiled waited outside of the doorway for a while before entering