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Those With Powers


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The story so far…

Ten years ago, a strange meteor with unknown origins hit earth not from the Indian reservation in a small town called Chassahen. Around this area, the people began to notice that they were a bit different from others. While the government looked into this, the people went on, oblivious to what was going on. Soon, people began to change that were not near the crash site of the meteor. These ‘different’ people had powers unlike any human has ever had before.

Our story takes place at Hannasen High School, a private school in Pennsylvania, where some of the students, and even teachers, are beginning to find that they are not like other people. While some have known ever since the meteor hit earth, others are discovering for the first time that they posses powers unlike anyone else. With new threats on the horizon, and a rip between earth and the OtherTime dimension, a place were monsters and other creatures are not myth but reality, things are going to take a wild turn for earth and its inhabitants.

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While the story will mostly run around the students at Hannasen, this does not mean you have to be a teenager. You can be an adult too. Just make sure you try and tie in your character to the story line.
You also don’t necessarily have to be a ‘good guy’. Villains are very appreciated.
For the rest of the rules, go here.

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