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"I am NOT your pet!" Murmer said. "Sure, I may have been, like, kinda given to you! But do I live in a fish bowl? Do I have a collar? NO. I DO NOT!"
Insert more fumeing here.
"...Is there anything you need me to do while you're here..." Murmer asked through clenched teeth. "Beat up some people? Put up a barrier? Get you to go away?"
"I can't leave untill this place is quarintied."
"Pleeaase?" She's really better at begging then you think.
"Go back to class. Don't worry."
"And why aren't you in class, Mr. I-Act-Older-When-Really-I'm-Not?" And yes, they're the same age. Down to the secound. That's how they choose who you get tied to people in OtherTime, folks!
"This is my class."

He had her there.

"I hate you."
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